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We've had such a response from readers in other countries, curious about kids masks and vaccine news, we decided to share our research, backed by Centers for Disease Control guidance, on school masks and kids masks, in other languages, in a searchable format, to help guide you. 


Of course, please refer to your local guidance in your country or region regarding children's health news and school updates.  We will add links to shopping available to you, online, as quickly as we can.  We hope our guide, based on guidance from medical experts and the CDC is useful to you!  You can use the search box above to find what you are looking for, or browse from the categories, provided:

Kids Masks Categories


Kids Masks for Sensory Issues

The CDC guidance page includes updates with special considerations when selecting a mask for your child, including those with sensory issues.  These include masks with a clear window so that the mouth can be seen when the person wearing the mask is speaking.  CDC recommendations and updates on masks can be found on their website, at: Types of Masks and Respirators | CDC

The CDC guidance on clear masks for sensory issues such as those of  children who are deaf, hard of hearing  or may have trouble understanding a person speaking who is wearing a standard mask includes the following: 

Clear masks or cloth masks with a clear plastic panel are an alternative type of mask that may be helpful when interacting with certain groups of people, such as:

  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • Young children or students learning to read

  • Students learning a new language

  • People with disabilities

  • People who need to see the proper shape of the mouth for making appropriate vowel sounds (for example, when singing)

The FDA recently approved a transparent medical mask. The CDC advises that transparent medical masks should be reserved for use by healthcare workers and patients who require them.

If you use this type of mask, make sure

  • You can breathe easily

  • Excess moisture does not collect on the inside of the mask

For the latest updates, please see their web page on the latest mask guidance


Kids Masks for Sensory Issues

Happy Mask Base Series

This mask has been suggested as a top choice, all around and it has been noted as comfortable for those with sensory issues such as sensitivity.  It is described as having a "parrot beak” shape that leaves extra space in front of your nose and mouth, a nanofiber membrane filter uniquely developed to maintain efficacy for at least 50 washes, enabling it to be sewn-in and provide full coverage spanning the entire shape of the mask, a nanofiber membrane with a wafer thin and lightweight profile, ear straps and an adjustable nose wire to ensure a perfect fit for a variety of face shapes. Good for approximately 180 hours. Described as a "comfortable fit for those with sensory issues."


1     $19.00

Happy Masks Website


Sommerfly Sensory Issues

Sommerfly Sensory Issues Face Masks are described as having a name tag to personalize, made of 3-ply 100% cotton,  with a reversible pattern/solid color, and a soft spandex band that rests over the ears to reduce ear fatigue, with domes over the mouth and nose for comfort.


The mask doesn’t interfere with speech and creates cost savings when compared to disposable masks, while being environmentally friendly.


It is available in 4 sizes, including small faces.  The size chart is on the Sommerfly Sensory Issues website.


The masks are touted as being made in the USA.


1      $12.99

Sommerfly website

Clear Masks for both Kids and Adults 

Guidance from the ADA coming soon!


The FDA has recently approved a clear mask that was made to make communication easier for communicating with groups like the deaf and hard of hearing.  

For more information about this mask, please refer to the Clear Mask website: 

ClearMask makes history as the first company to receive FDA approval for clear surgical masks — ClearMask™ (

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