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We've had such a response from readers in other countries, curious about kids masks and vaccine news, we decided to share our research, backed by Centers for Disease Control guidance, on school masks and kids masks, in other languages, in a searchable format, to help guide you. 


Of course, please refer to your local guidance in your country or region regarding children's health news and school updates.  We will add links to shopping available to you, online, as quickly as we can.  We hope our guide, based on guidance from medical experts and the CDC is useful to you!  You can use the search box above to find what you are looking for, or browse from the categories, provided:

Kids Masks Categories


Kids Medical Masks and Kids Surgical Masks

General guidance from experts has included the use of surgical masks, also referred to as medical masks, to help protect kids and families during this year's return to the classroom.  

Like disposable masks, some families may find these are easier to find and buy than the filter and cloth filter masks that are becoming popular.  They may also be more convenient for some families and come in large packs, for savings. 


These masks are described as a procedure mask with pleated ear loops in a child size, and are non-sterile, ASTM Level 1. The masks are intended to be worn by children ages 4-12 years old with appropriate adult supervision: 

ASTM F2100-19 Level 1.


The masks are descri bed as soft, lightweight, protection against fluids, having comfortable flat knitted ear loops. polyester and spandex materials, a pleated style, a formable nosepiece, coming in a range of polka-dotted design patterns, and are recommended for use by children who are immuno-compromised, have flu-like symptoms, or are visiting hospital patients.  The bacterial filtration (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE)is described as being greater than or equal to 95%. These nonsterile, disposable masks are intended for single use.

Available at many stores and online retailers; we found the most affordable price at the Carewell website:

1 box of 75     14.99

Carewell Website

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