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We've had such a response from readers in other countries, curious about kids masks and vaccine news, we decided to share our research, backed by Centers for Disease Control guidance, on school masks and kids masks, in other languages, in a searchable format, to help guide you. 


Of course, please refer to your local guidance in your country or region regarding children's health news and school updates.  We will add links to shopping available to you, online, as quickly as we can.  We hope our guide, based on guidance from medical experts and the CDC is useful to you!  You can use the search box above to find what you are looking for, or browse from the categories, provided:

Kids Masks Categories


Kids Mask Lanyards, Mask Filters, Filter Pocket Inserts and Accessories

Kids Mask Lanyards

Medical experts unanimously agree that the best mask for your child is the one that your child will wear.  You may make it easier to keep your kids mask handy, especially with mask-to-school requirements in place, with a useful lanyard.  We chose one of the top rated brands for comfort and softness, making it fun, easy and convenient to wear.


The Sommrefly Sensory Issues brand face mask lanyard is described as made from 100% nylon spandex with a safety release clip.  It connects to ear loop type masks with small plastic clips and allows the mask to hang safely on the chest when the mask is not in use. Name tag included.


3 for $7.99

Sommerfly Website

Happy Masks

Happy Masks 2 in 1 Lanyard + Ear Saver

The Happy Mask lanyard is described as being as comfortable as their masks.  The nylon lanyard does double-duty as an ear saver.

Approximately 24 inches long, it is suitable for both kids and adults, because it is adjustable.

Currently available in four colors: pink, black, blue, and grey.

1     $10.00 

Happy Masks Website

Kids Filter Masks Replacement Filters

Filter inserts are an easy and convenient way to make your cloth filter mask reusable, by simply replacing the filter insert after it has been used.


These are also a great, comfortable way to achieve filtration in a kid sized mask, particularly if KN95s, KF94s and KN94s are difficult to buy, find or wear.  Most filters for child sized masks will fit a standard kid's mask with filter insert pockets. 

Filters SAFE + MATE x Case-Mate Face Mask Replacement Filters

Safe+Mate (10 Pack) PM 2.5 Carbon Filter Replacement Inserts for Kids Cloth Face Masks - Ages (3-6) (7-11) - 5 Layer Filters

These filters come in kids sizes but you may purchase some for adult size, as well.

They are described as having a 5 layer filter containing activated carbon, and are compatible with Safe+Mate kids sized washable and reusable cloth face masks for ages (3-6) and (7-11)​ as well as most kids sized reusable cloth masks with a filter insert pocket


10    $6.99




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