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About Us

This is an image of a little girl holding a face mask high up in the air

grew out of a tiny, hand-made children's clothing store in San Francisco by a former epidemiology research fellow whose prior work centered on children's health. While we love making clothes for you and your little ones, we shifted our focus this year back to outfitting our friends and neighbors in the best look of all-- good health!

Our background in children's health research spans from fellowships in epidemiology at Stanford University and Columbia University's medical schools to representing children's interests at global health organizations such as the Child in the City coalition of world-wide educators, doctors and policy makers.  Today, we just enjoy helping our friends and neighbors stay healthy and have fun

We leave the health advice to the experts, but we are happy to help you sift through all the choices available to keep you and your family healthy and safe. 

This site was created at the start of 2021 with the not-for-profit goal of making accurate health information and tools to stay healthy more accessible to all, regardless of their language, budget or abilities, on-line or offline.  We were excited by the response from our readers and have decided to keep the website up with as much current information available in as many languages as possible. 

We are excited about the news this year, that masks may now be available, free of charge in the United States to all who want them-- this was one of our main hopes when we started this site.  We hope to provide more information about this as the news becomes available.  

If you have questions, comments or a language in which you would like to receive our website or updates for you or your community, please let us know!  Get in touch by signing up on our Contact Form.  We also welcome feedback with which we may improve this site.

Our goal of course, is to retire this website-- the day when all kids are healthy and safe to play together and go to school while they and their families are worry-free is going to be a day to celebrate!  We hope our site helps!

Of course, if you have medical questions, we recommend that you consult your doctor or local clinic and use your government guidelines for back to school for reference.

Stay healthy and remember to have fun!

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