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was started from a small, handmade children's clothing shop in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Created by a former epidemiology research fellow from Stanford Medical School's Preventative Research Center and  Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, this guide was originally created to make public health and kids health news more accessible in the many languages used by our neighbors in the Bay Area.  


We used our research expertise to find the best available and current guidance for you and your family with the belief that good health and good choices should be available for everyone.

We partnered with our friends in local and global children's health research to help our neighbors go back to school this year in the most important look of all: good health.

We'd like to share our findings with anyone who'd like to stay up to date in staying safe and healthy while having fun.

More languages and accessible features coming soon!  

Meanwhile see our updated guide for 2022!

Top Rated Masks, Kids Health News and Guidance from Top Experts

From classroom to playground to afterschool sports, we've found the best picks in discount, disposable, washable, reusable and sports masks and lanyards in styles and sizes that can fit your littlest to pickiest back to school shopper.  Our guide matches guidance from the top kids medical experts to keep you up to date.  Find mask deals online and at shops near you.

Our Kids Health News and guidance on preventative health tools is provided by the CDC  and The American Academy of Pediatrics

Meet our sources

Our researchers have selected the top experts from pediatricians to parents to the most important of all-- kids-- to find the easiest, comfiest and safest masks for school.

Our News is available in multiple languages and formats and sourced from top experts to help you go back to school and enjoy the holidays in good health.

Contact us

Have questions?  We're happy to help.  With so much changing information, our goal is to help you make the best choice for you.

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